Re: [variables] invalid variables

On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 2:02 PM, Roland Steiner <> wrote:
> A default value on data() should be fine I guess - it wouldn't quite address
> the 2nd of my examples, but I'm not sure that's compelling enough to warrant
> added complexity.
> For a default value, would chaining be possible? E.g.:
> .myvideo::play-button {
>   color: data(play-button-color, data(panel-color, black));
> }

I don't see why not.

> Completely random PS: I guess "data(data(variable-to-choose))" is probably
> prohibited as well? (no use case, just curious if that'd be doable).

Yeah, prohibited, at least at this level.  ^_^


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