RE: [css3-images] closest side radial gradients

> if you have a position change so that the gradient is not centered, the gradient gets
> clipped when you have farthest-side or *-corner, but for closest side the gradient just
> gets smaller as you get closer to a side, and disappears altogether (except for the last
> stop) if you align the center with an edge.

That's an incomplete characterization.  It does become a solid color in some cases (when all stops are in percentage form) but not all (for example, when some stops are in non-percentage form and greater than zero).

Tab started the "[css3-images] Radial gradients with a degenerate shape" thread to discuss this.  After some discussion we concluded on the language in this edit:;r2=1.148;f=h

Sample page from that thread:

The \\build build of IE10 to matched an earlier spec, but had some bugs for cases like Tab's page.

I believe internal IE10 builds match the 09/08 WD's description, but I haven't blanketed it with test cases to be 100% certain yet.

> What I think we should consider is that closest-side should not make the gradient smaller.
> The way this would work is that 'closest-side' would not consider the side(s) that you've
> offset the gradient towards when determining which is closer, and the gradient would
> get clipped instead.

I wish the image would load for me. :(

Nonetheless, as you've described it, the proposed behavior wouldn't be "closest-side" anymore.  It would be "closest-side-except-this-one-here" which I find confusing at best.

Received on Thursday, 3 November 2011 21:15:15 UTC