WeasyPrint renders basic CSS 2.1 to PDF


I understand that this mailing list is not for discussing using CSS as 
document authors, but Im not sure about implementing it. I apologize if 
this is not the appropriate list for this message.

WeasyPrint [1] is a new free software implementation of CSS visual 
rendering. It produces PDF from HTML+CSS documents. Weve been working 
on it for some time, but it has now reached a usable sate. See a sample 
output: [2]. Though it only supports basic CSS 2.1 yet (no tables, 
floats or absolute positioning) I believe it can already be useful.

Having the layout logic in Python makes it easier to hack and experiment 
on. For example we plan to implement the CSS3 Paged Media module at some 

Please let me know if youre interested in doing something with it.

[1] http://weasyprint.org/
[2] http://weasyprint.org/samples/CSS21-intro.pdf

Simon Sapin

Received on Thursday, 3 November 2011 10:56:15 UTC