Re: css3-fonts: should not dictate usage policy with respect to origin

Glenn Adams wrote:

> > As background, I think it would be useful to read through a
> > description of a recent WebGL security issue below.  The context is
> > slightly different but the issue is the same, especially what is
> > described in the section "Cross-Domain Image Theft":
> > 
> >
> i will take a look at this, but it sounds like "content protection"
> and DRM scope to me just from the phrase "image theft"

You should look at this more carefully, it relates more to the security
of *users* than to the security of the underlying content. It's worth a
close study, it highlights a class of security issue that user agents
must deal with these days.  Including user agents on set-top boxes that
want to support recent W3C specifications.

John Daggett

Received on Thursday, 30 June 2011 13:08:48 UTC