[css3-speech] cue <uri> load fails


   # When a user agent is not able to render the specified auditory icon,
   # it is recommended to produce an alternative cue. (e.g. popping up a
   # warning, emitting a warning sound)


   # If the URI resolves to something other than an audio file, such as
   # an image, the resource is ignored and the property treated as if it
   # had the value ‘none’.

I don't think these behavior should be different. Consider: suppose the
cue resolves to an audio resource, but the UA doesn't recognize the
resource. Is an alternative cue played, or is the cue silent?

If the UA can't play the specified URI for *any* reason, it should do X.
That simplifies the expected behavior and avoids any ambiguities deriving
from the exact conditions of why the UA can't play the specified URI.

Also wrt "warning sound", I suggest that X be either
   - no cue
   - an alternative cue, such as a bell
and not
   - an alternative cue, such as a warning sound
since I believe there should be no expectation that the following content
indicates a problem. :)


Received on Thursday, 30 June 2011 01:10:54 UTC