Re: [css3-writing-modes] The writing-mode property: existing implementations and naming

On 30/06/2011 1:48 AM, Sylvain Galineau wrote:
> [fantasai:]
>> On 06/28/2011 01:50 PM, Sylvain Galineau wrote:
>>>> On 06/27/2011 03:21 PM, fantasai wrote:
>>>>> Ok, I added a note these values are from the 2003 CSS3 Text CR, too:
>>>>> Is that sufficient, or did you want something else?
>>>> Ok, /now/ I've added it. Sorry; forgot to check in. :)
>>> It looks good!
>> Great! So, back to your issue, is it resolved now or do we need to look at
>> something else?
> The naming issue is unresolved. If a writing mode is defined by three properties,
> I don't expect one of them to be called writing-mode. I think it is reasonable
> for authors to expect the latter to define a writing mode completely i.e. they
> would either be a shorthand or equivalent to one.
> If a property defines block progression I just don't get why the best name for it
> is 'writing-mode'. Why not block-progression, block-flow-direction or any other name
> that clearly outlines the scope of the value being applied ?

You don't really have three properties working together. Glyph 
orientation is a separate thing to 'block flow progression' and 'inline 
base direction'. The later two are writing systems where the former is a 
script system. You only need to indicate 'block flow progression'. The 
direction property is only needed where you need to have punctuation 
working correctly for a particular 'inline base direction'. This test 
shows what I mean.

If you wanting something changed to reflect what it's doing then 
'writing-mode' can be renamed 'block-flow'.

FYI, the 'writing-mode' or 'block-flow' of vertical-lr (Old Mongolian) 
has blocks that flow towards the right but also line boxes that flow 
towards the right. The line boxes are not rotated but rather the glyph 
are orientated where the top up parts are pointing in the direction of 
the 'block flow'. Something like this.

|block|  |block|  |block|

|T> B>|  |T> B>|  |T> B>|
|H> R>|  |H> R>|  |H> R>|
|E> O>|  |E> O>|  |E> O>|
|   W>|  |   W>|  |   W>|
|Q> N>|  |Q> N>|  |Q> N>|
|U>   |  |U>   |  |U>   |
|I> F>|  |I> F>|  |I> F>|
|C> O>|  |C> O>|  |C> O>|
|K> X>|  |K> X>|  |K> X>|

  l  l     l  l     l  l
  i  i     i  i     i  i
  n  n     n  n     n  n
  e  e     e  e     e  e

  b  b     b  b     b  b
  o  o     o  o     o  o
  x  x     x  x     x  x

  1  2     1  2     1  2

Alan Gresley

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