Re: [css3-speech] :media-overlay-active

On 29 Jun 2011, at 16:51, Sylvain Galineau wrote:
> So the solution is driven by where it would have to be implemented  
> and who
> is able/unable to do that ?

There was also the option of deferring this specific feature of EPUB3  
Media Overlays, but the working group reached a consensus on a  
solution that works well for content creators as well as for reading  
system implementors (reminder: the publication deadline for the final  
EPUB3 specification is approaching fast).

In my opinion, a W3C-standardized CSS pseudo-class is a better long- 
term solution. I would like to see a cross-group discussion about  
synchronized multimedia in HTML (from the top of my head: SMIL  
Timesheets / aka "HTML Timing", HTML Speech, CSS3 Speech, HTML5/ 
WebVTT, WAI, etc.) Such collaboration would prevent fragmented  
solutions that are specific to particular application domains.

There is common ground between speech synthesis, pre-recorded human  
narration, sign-language, transcripts, subtitles, etc., but the  
functional requirements and potential overlap with existing solutions  
(e.g. HTML5 ::cue) need to be better articulated and documented. This  
is obviously beyond the scope of the CSS3 Speech Module.

Regards, Daniel

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