[css3-images] List of changes since last WD

(Sorry, left off one major change.  I went through the diff log since
Feb to make sure I got everything this time.)

Using the section numbers from the current Working Draft.

3. Resolution Units
* Defined the resolution unit more precisely.  In particular,
clarified what it means for a vector image.

4.2. Image Fallbacks: the 'image()' notation
* Simplified the ultimate fallback back to just <color>, as that was
the ultimate point - when you absolutely can't display an image, you
may still need to display a color for constrast purposes.
* Dropped the <url-token> production for the non-ultimate arguments.
This was fundamentally ambiguous with the keywords, and is unnecessary
* Added the ability to declare the directionality of an image, so it's
automatically inline-direction flipped when placed in an
opposite-directional context.
* Added a requirement that impls must support the #xywh form of Media
Queries as part of image() support.

4.4. Combining Images: The 'cross-fade()' notation
* Defined the algorithm formally in PD terms.
* Changed the compositing operation from "over" to "plus".

5.1. Linear Gradients
* Fiddled with the meaning of using keywords in the first argument.
This is marked as an issue currently.
* Changed the meaning of angles in the first argument to being
bearing angles

5.3. Repeating Gradients
* Changed the results of a degenerate repeating gradient (where the
first and last stop have the same position).  Previously, it generated
a solid-color image matching the last color-stop.  Now, it moves the
last color-stop to be 1px away from the first.  This was done so that
repeating gradients had continuous behavior.

6.4. Sizing Objects: The 'object-fit' property
* Added 'none' and 'scale-down' values
* Specified that contents are always clipped, and 'overflow' on the
element has no effect.

7. Overriding Image Resolutions: the 'image-resolution' property
* Specified that image-resolution works on *all* the images for the
element it's specified on, both the content of replaced elements and
the various <image>-using properties.

9. Determining How to Scale an Image: The 'image-rendering' Property
* Changed the 'optimize-contrast' value to 'crisp-edges', and rewrote
the description slightly to reduce confusion in what it does.

11. Interpolation
* Added special rules for interpolation cross-fade()

11.2. Interpolating <gradient>
* Fixed a bug in interpolation so transitioning between linear
gradients specified with keywords takes the shortest path.


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