Re: SVG Fonts inside of OpenType fonts? [Cross-post from]

Vladimir wrote:

> I realize that these discussions are only preliminary, but we need to consider the current situation where ISO/IEC SC29/WG11 is now the home for a standardization activity related to OT/OFF. I'd think that they would want to continue this activity and, therefore, would be open for suggestions for the new work items via existing ISO/W3C liaison relationship. It doesn't mean that W3C cannot play a major role in defining this new features and functionality, but from the logistics and procedural points of view it might be prudent to define this new SFNT format extension as a new amendment to the existing OFF standard, getting all interested parties involved in this activity and working towards achieving consensus among them.

Sure. I think any organisational model would be appropriate so long as 
it provides for representation from font makers, and not just from 
software companies that can afford to be members of either W3C or ISO.


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