Re: css3-fonts: should not dictate usage policy with respect to origin

On 6/27/11 7:58 PM, Glenn Adams wrote:
> However, from a forward compatibility perspective, the introduction of
> mandatory same origin presents a problem for fielded implementations
> with respect to claims of conformance.

Why is that a problem?  Who is expecting implementations to be 
conformant to specifications that postdate them?

> I would also note that none of the other CSS specs that entails
> referencing of resources, e.g., via @import, image references, replaced
> content references, etc., require or even make reference to same-origin
> semantics.

Actually, that's caused problems.  In practice, browsers have had to 
implement various same-origin restrictions on @import (e.g. for CSSOM 
access, non-CSS content types, etc), and they have in practice done so 
in incompatible ways.  It would have been _much_ better if @import had 
clearly defined cross-origin behavior.

I would hope that we've learned something in the time since @import was 


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