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On 11-06-26 19:32, Thomas Phinney wrote:
> The prospect of having more than one set of vector outlines in a
> single font is particularly perturbing to me, both in terms of the
> chances of things going wrong leading to incompatibilities between the
> two sets of outlines, and in terms of font size.
Font size -- sure, that's a potential problem. But still,
gzip-compressed SVG is quite good in this respect.

Multiple outlines -- as I've explained, this problem has been addressed
at least theoretically in OpenType before. Not quite exactly the same
thing, but for embedded SBIT bitmaps, this always has been the case.
There was never a format-internal guarantee that an embedded SBIT bitmap
would be "visually compatible" with the outline. So in this case, we
needed to "trust" the font developer and the tools that make the fonts.

Same goes for another aspects: there was never a GUARANTEE that a "0.3"
cmap Unicode table which is used by Mac OS X will be semantically the
same as the "3.1" cmap Unicode table used by Windows. In fact, I've made
funny trick fonts which showed different glyphs depending on the
platform deployed. But 99.99% fonts have cmap tables which are
consistent in both the "0.1" and the "3.1" flavor. But again, this is
something on which we need to "trust" the font developer and the font
creation tools.



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