RE: [css3-regions] region intrinsic size and aspect ratio

  If the element that becomes a region is a block element (prior to noting it is a region), I would expect that its size would be determined like a block; that is, assuming the default "auto" values for size, it would be the width of its containing block and as high as needed by its contents. Why would that not be the right answer? Or, are you asking the question only when the element that becomes a region is an inline?

Steve Zilles

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Subject: [css3-regions] region intrinsic size and aspect ratio

Since making something a region (setting 'flow-from') takes over the element's content, it should be reasonable to expect that intrinsic size of the region is calculated similar to that of a replaced element or iframe. Unless of course it is a situation where region is sized to content.

That means that default region size is 300px by 150px, and if either width or height is not specified it gets its respective intrinsic value (because region does not have an intrinsic aspect ratio).

Do you agree?

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