Re: [CSS3] support for linear-gradients & radial-gradients

On 9/02/2011 4:44 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 5:45 PM, Alan Gresley<>  wrote:

>> Something like this perhaps.
>> linear-gradient(left rgba(255,255,0,1), 50% rgba(127,127,63,0.5),
>> rgba(0,0,0,0))
> Yup, something like that.
> ~TJ

To be precise, this is what has to be done.

linear-gradient(left, yellow, rgba(127,127,0,0.5) 50%, 
rgba(64,64,0,0.25) 75%, rgba(32,32,0,0.125) 87.5%, rgba(16,16,0,0.0625) 
93.75%, rgba(8,8,0,0.03125) 96.875%, rgba(4,4,0,0.015625) 98.4375%, 

I presume you understand the maths above and I was able to intuit how to 
achieve such a gradient but I do believe that such a method to create 
such a gradient should also be given as an example in the spec since 
most authors would not know that such gradients are possible when the 
changes are made in browsers to match IE10 behavior or even know how to 
do the maths.

Alan Gresley

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