Re: [cssom] comments on MediaQueryList

On Wed, 20 Apr 2011 21:27:23 +0200, L. David Baron <>  
> A few comments on
> ,
> which I'm implementing:
>   readonly attribute DOMString matches;
> should say:
>   readonly attribute boolean matches;


> Also, the spec currently says:
>   # If the associated media query list changes in evaluation then,
>   # for each listener in the list of media query list listeners — in
>   # appending order, queue a task that invokes the listener, passing
>   # as argument the MediaQueryList object.
> I'm not sure if "queue a task" is quite sufficient, since we may
> want to run these listeners earlier if something happens first that
> wants to flush style data.  I don't know if the spec has a good way
> of describing that, though.  (Also, I hope the definition of "queue
> a task" allows timer-based refreshing where on each refresh we flush
> different things based on the scope of what they can change
> (content, style, layout).)

I am not sure how to resolve this. Ian, do you maybe have any ideas? The  
relevant text can be found here (for now):

Anne van Kesteren

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