[css3] is "default" a reserved keyword (RE: [css21] is 'initial' a valid counter name?)

Ok, it makes sense for "initial". Then the specs for both counters and regions should say 

 The keywords 'none', 'inherit' and 'initial' are not valid counter/flow names.

Now, there is also "default" keyword that is reserved for font names and tentatively mentioned in CSS3 (with a meaning similar to 'initial').

Should 'default' also be reserved for properties of type ident, or is it not defined enough to be included?

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± > Can you elaborate? Where does it work now and how was it useful?
± Several browsers implement it prefixed right now.  I've used in my
± personal experiments (just running in Chrome) when I'm setting style for a
± set of elements, and want some subset to act normal without having to
± remember what the initial value for that property is.
± ~TJ

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