css template module (was Re: css3-fonts: <integer>, <length>, <number>, <percentage>, <string> used but not defined)

fantasai wrote:

> This should be fixed once CSS3 Fonts updates to the latest module template. [1]

Hmmm.  I'd actually prefer not to write specs that follow this template.

The current structure you've set up is:

  1. Introduction
  1.1 Background
  1.2 Gobbledygook A
  1.3 Gobbledygook B
  1.4 Gobbledygook C

  2. Actual start of contents

This separates the introduction from the main contents with several
sections of gobbledygook.  This is awful, it's makes it more difficult
for mere mortals to actually read.  Put gobbledygook up above the TOC,
in an appendix, into it's own special module (CSS Gobbledygook Module
Level 3?), *anywhere* but in the middle of what normal folks would be

Also, I think it would be a good idea to use the formatting that Vincent
is using for CSS3 Regions.  Our specs have way too many splatterings of
green and red text.

Written on an empty stomach,

John Daggett

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