Re: [css3-images] Summary of recent gradient issues

On Jun 16, 2011, at 4:12 PM, "Tab Atkins Jr." <> wrote:

> gain, my objection is *not* to the value definitions on their own.  I
> was obviously fine with each of them on their own, since I wrote them
> that way.  It is precisely the two types of values in combination that
> concern me.  Two locally-good decisions can be bad when combined due
> to them being inconsistent with each other.

They aren't combined though. You either use one or the other, and at least some of us don't see these separate values as inconsistent with each other. If you ask one question after the other, without setting up expectations that the meanings should be linked, then you can see from the answers if people think that way on their own. 

> That's why I very specifically brought up the two in concert, to
> explore how people intuitively relate the two.

It's not intuition that is influencing their answers, it is the subtle suggestion that their answer to what 'left' means should be linked to their understanding of what '0deg' means. That's the the very thing that I disagree with. 

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