Re: [css3-images] Summary of recent gradient issues

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 00:25, Alan Gresley <> wrote:

> So in other words, if I had a box of width: 200px and height: 100px, I can
> no have a linear-gradient (running from start to end) at 45 arc degrees from
> either the x or y axises.

Don't see why you couldn't. You can still specify angles in the syntax I
suggested. Though looking back, I do see that I accidentally missed a
grouping; sorry if that was the source of the confusion. Let me fix that:

<linear-gradient> = linear-gradient(
        [ top | bottom | left | right [to [ top | bottom | left | right] ]?
    ], <color-stop>[, <color-stop>]+

FYI, a transition from top to right, right to bottom, bottom to left and
> left to top is inscribing the box. A transition from top right to bottom
> right, bottom right to bottom left, bottom left to top left and top left to
> top right is circumscribing the box.
> So any transition from side (top, right, bottom and left) to corner (top
> right, bottom right, bottom left and top left) is also a transition from
> inscribing to circumscribing.

Is this different from the transition that has to occur when transitioning
from 0deg to 45deg on a square box? (Or 0deg to 30deg on a box with a
1:sqrt(3) ratio for the sides?) Not a trivial matter either way, but it is
not adding any calculation that doesn't have to be done in unrelated

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