Re: [css3-images] Summary of recent gradient issues

On Jun 14, 2011, at 3:43 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:

> There are some alternate approaches to this problem that solve the
> discrepancy in different ways.
> 1. Drop the keywords entirely, and just use angles.  If you want a
> corner-to-corner gradient, just estimate what angle it will be.  It's
> relatively difficult to tell apart most gradients that differ by only
> 10 or 15 degrees, which seems like a reasonable accuracy to ask
> authors to estimate within.  (The spec has an example distinguishing a
> 45deg gradient from a corner-to-corner gradient in a box with a 2:1
> width:height ratio, which is a difference of about 20deg.  The two
> gradients look roughly the same.)
> 2. Drop the keywords entirely, and instead using an optional
> "as-square" keyword alongside angles.  This would first resolve the
> angle as normal against a square canvas, then scale the canvas to its
> proper size, scaling the relative positions of the gradient endpoints
> as well.  This way, a corner-to-corner gradient can be achieved by
> specifying "45deg as-square" - 45deg produces a corner-to-corner
> gradient if the canvas is square, and then the endpoints are held
> steady in the corners when the canvas is scaled to its proper size.
> 3. Drop the keywords, and add an optional "snap" keyword alongside
> angles.  This would change the used value of the gradient to make the
> angle point exactly at the corner in the same quadrant as the angle.
> For example, "45deg snap" would always point toward the top-right
> corner, no matter what the box dimensions are.  So would "20deg snap"
> or "89deg snap".  Integer multiples of 90deg would be left unchanged.
> And then, just to give us numbers for everything:
> 4. Keep the keywords how they are (current WD wording).
> 5. Reverse the meaning of the keywords (current ED wording).
> My preferences are, in order, 3 > 1 > 5 > 4 > 2.

My preferences: 4 >>> 5 > 2 > 3 > 1

In my quick Twitter straw poll, everyone, without exception, said
that linear-gradient(left, black, white) would have black on the left,
so 'left' denotes the start point. There was zero confusion on this issue,
which provides support for #5 and demotes #4.

#1 is lame because it makes corner-to-corner gradients hard under varying
box size.

#2 is too complex and would confuse most authors. If they specify 45deg,
it should be 45deg independent of box size.

This confusion of starting point vs. angle is specious.

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