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On Sat, Jun 11, 2011 at 3:26 PM, Brad Kemper <> wrote:
> Fallback wasn't the only thing my example illustrated. There is also the ability to still use whatever position you want for the marker box (author's choice of static or positioned)(if I understand you correctly, '::marker {position:static}' would essentially make it 'list-style-position:inside'),  and the ability to combine document content with other 'content:'. There is also the avoiding of confusion of what rules can style the marker if it is 'position:marker'. For instance, I'm still unclear on what happens here, in your model:
> li > .marker {
>  position: marker;
>  color: red;
> }
> li::marker { color:green; }
> In the first rule, is the 'position' adhered to, but the color ignored? That can be confusing. Or is the color read from both rules and then determined based on specificity and order? That can make it harder if you want styles to change when the element is successfully moved into the marker position (author has to add ' !important' to the declaration or try to increase selector specificity using longer chains of selectors). I'm not sure which it is, because I think you may have changed your model along the way  wrt this detail.

position:marker is just a positioning scheme.  It doesn't do anything
magical.  In this example, the ".marker" element is red and positioned
in the same place an 'outside' marker would be.  The ::marker pseudo
is green and, assuming "list-style-position:outside", also positioned
where an 'outside' marker would be.

You don't need to style something differently based on whether it
successfully "becomes a marker" - all elements with position:marker
position themselves in the same spot (per list item).


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