Re: [css3-images] linear-gradient keywords and angles are opposite

On Jun 10, 2011, at 9:04 AM, Simon Fraser wrote:

>> 'm sticking with top/right/bottom/left for now, but explicitly saying
>> that they indicate where the ending-point of the gradient should be.
> I don't like this, for the reason that fantasai described earlier in the thread. I think it's more intuitive for the keyword to describe the starting position of the gradient. It comes as the first parameter, so logically associates with the start of the gradient. Similarly, in the declaration it comes next to the first color stop, so mentally will be associated with that stop.
> linear-gradient(left, black, white)
> It just obviously a black->white gradient from left to right. Being right-to-left just hurts my brain.

Dito what Simon says.

If 'left' really means 'left-wards', etc, then those keywords should be dropped and replaced by something that actually says what it implies.
Or the whole thing should be more verbose, and say 'from left', etc

Philippe Wittenbergh

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