Re: [css3-lists] inline list items

On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 8:08 PM, fantasai <> wrote:
> I propose adding 'display: inline-list-item' to CSS3 Lists
> to handle the rather common case of inline lists.
> This value would be exactly like 'inline' except that the
> element also generates a list marker, which is itself also
> formatted exactly like an inline box. If 'list-item-position'
> is 'inside', then the marker is inside the principal inline
> box. If 'list-item-position' is 'outside', then the marker
> is immediately before the principal inline box, such that
> the element generates two sibling inline boxes.

I like the idea, with the caveat that this whole thing is silly and we
really just need to split 'display' into subproperties.

I don't like 'outside' making the ::marker a sibling to the list-item,
because it's a child for normal list-items.  I'd prefer they act the
same with respect to the element-tree.  Obviously, though, positioned
markers don't make much sense for inline list items.  I'd be okay with
just making the ::marker for inline list items ignore
'list-style-position' and always treat the ::marker as an inline


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