[css3-speech] :media-overlay-active

The EPUB3 spec includes the definition for a pseudo-class to select elements
that are active during speech playback:

There's some ongoing discussion in the EPUBWG about prefixing the pseudo-class
name or using a reserved class name instead of a pseudo-class, etc.

Their spec's a little underdefined, imo, but I thought such a pseudo-element would
be something for the CSSWG to consider, particularly as an addition to CSS3 Speech.
The state should propagate up to ancestors, so that you can choose, for example,

   p:media-overlay-active { outline: solid yellow; } /* ugly example for demo purposes */

I'd suggest coming up with a less awkward name, though. :) (Maybe :playback-active?)


Received on Thursday, 9 June 2011 05:12:58 UTC