RE: [css3-images] linear-gradient keywords and angles are opposite

> On Jun 8, 2011, at 5:25 PM, Sylvain Galineau wrote:
> >> So you are basically saying "screw you" to any author that has used
> >> -*- linear-gradient for simple cases, or who wants to do so prior to
> >> CR, because we're going to change so much of it now that reasonable
> >> fallback is no longer possible.
> >
> > Again, it isn't strictly necessary to assign overly negative motives
> > or language to make your point.
> My statement above is not to ascribe motives; it is simply about the
> effect this decision will have and the apparent (and appalling) lack of
> concern for that effect.
> > Fallback for experimental vendor-specific implementations is up to
> > each vendor e.g. WebKit could well decide to keep their -webkit
> > implementation as is and wait for the unprefixed property to implement
> > the new model.
> Representatives from both Google and Apple have indicated they would not.
> I find that attitude, and the whole enormous midstream change without
> (IMO) good enough cause, alarming. That alarm is reflected in my tone.

They haven't shipped it yet. And there are other browsers, afaik. As for
the 'attitude' whereby experimental features do not hold a spec hostage,
it is neither new nor unwelcome. I appreciate that you disagree but there
are more productive ways to express it. If this is going to break the web,
it should be easy to provide plenty of evidence, for one. And, just possibly,
doing so might have more of an impact on your audience than reading those of
us who choose to spend time engaging you the 'you are with me or against me' 
riot act.

Assumptions that such a tone is necessary for the rest of us to register
your disapproval is, I can assure you, unfounded. I was in Kyoto and 
everyone in attendance who knows about this discussion was well aware of your
thoughts on the matter. Hence the rather unpleasant appearance of your 
feeling entitled to cranking up the volume simply because you didn't get 
your way. The WG disagrees with you; we think the cause for change to be 
good enough. Do you think the only proper course of action at this point 
is to use vitriol and exaggerated mischaracterizations of what others are 
saying ? Is that how any issue should be resolved ? Does being increasingly
more obnoxious and dismissive really make it more likely you'll succeed this 
time ? 

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