Re: "CSS Standard Boasts Unprecedented Interoperability": a different - much more nuanced - opinion

Le 07/06/11 23:49, "Gérard Talbot" a écrit :

> Maybe we all now have good reasons to celebrate at this point. But maybe
> we should not celebrate so much ... or not as much as if everything is
> perfect, complete, impeccable and "done for good".


We all know that in a human world, nothing is ever perfect/complete/
impeccable. But still, CSS 2.1 is a major achievement with superb
(and unprecedented in the CSS field) interoperability. It's not the
end of the road for CSS 2.x though and we will deal with 2.1 issues in
Errata mode.

> The fact that 9000 CSS tests have been submitted and that the fact the CSS
> 2.1 spec is official do not, by itself, make CSS coding entirely reliable,
> perfectly predictable in all browsers.

And we never said CSS is entirely reliable or perfect. You perfectly
know the Test Suite is here to test the features in a spec written by
humans. To the best of our knowledge, the CSS 2.1 Test Suite tests
all features in the spec. It is just impossible to test *all*
interactions between *all* properties and *all* values in *all*
scenarios. The errata mode is here to cover the issues raised after REC

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