Re: [css3-speech] reading list-style markers

On 8 Jun 2011, at 02:17, fantasai wrote:

> On 06/07/2011 05:27 PM, Daniel Weck wrote:
>>> On 6 Jun 2011, at 23:06, Belov, Charles wrote:
>>>> Even if CSS does not dictate how to read the different levels,
>>>> I'd still like to see something explicitly requiring or at least
>>>> recommending that the user-agent allow the user to differentiate
>>>> beginnings and endings of levels in some manner.
>>>> "For these list item styles, the user-agent defines (possibly
>>>> based on user preferences) what equivalent phrase is spoken or
>>>> what audio cue is played. List items with graphical bullets
>>>> are therefore announced appropriately in an implementation-
>>>> dependent manner."]
>>>> does not appear to reference levels at all.
>> I added:
>> "For hierarchical lists structures, it is recommended that user- 
>> agents
>> announce the nesting depth of list items."
>> ...which I think is loose-enough to cover various begin/end
>> announcement styles for list items.
> Per RFC 2119, that is not a very loose statement. I do not think this
> belongs in the spec as a normative recommendation. An example, maybe,
> but not such a strong requirement.

The statement per say is not loose (it is effectively a SHOULD  
conformance requirement), but the formulation "announce the nesting  
depth" offers scope for implementation-specific variants. Is this  
problematic ?
Regards, Dan

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