Re: [css3-flexbox] getting multiline flexbox back into the spec

On 06/08/2011 01:06 PM, Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:
> Agree in general on this but I think we are missing some point in the discussion.
> First of all I have to say that for three or so years using flexes, in particular flow:horizontal, I did not get any requests
> to provide anything close to box-direction.
> flow:horizontal follows directionality of UI and it is perfectly enough
> so far.
> If you need non-default order of elements then it usually happens when a) you have known number of children and b) most
> probably you will also need to replace elements in non-consecutive order. In this case you can use explicit, templated
> definition:
> block-flow: 4-3-2-1; // or block-flow: 1-3-2-4; // or even
> block-flow: 1-2-2-3
> 1-4-5-5;
> I would insist that "template" is a natural part of flex module. It simplifies layout definitions a lot.
> OK, back to flow:horizontal and flow:horizontal-wrap...
> These layouts are used when:
> 1) Number of children is not known upfront and/or 2) the number can change dynamically.
> Examples: headers/toolbars, footers/statusbars, panels with splitters
> between them, etc.
> Having visual flow to run in opposite direction from DOM order is
> a source of permanent problems (who implemented LTR/RTL text editing will understand me here).
> If we really want to provide explicit definition of order of blocks
> then it can be done as:
> block-flow: horizontal; /* uses default directionality, @dir->direction */
> block-flow: horizontal-ltr; /* left-to-right */
> block-flow: horizontal-rtl; /* right-to-left */
> block-flow: vertical; /* uses default directionality: ttb */
> block-flow: vertical-ttb; /* top-to-bottom */
> block-flow: vertical-btt; /* bottom-to-top */
> Explicit declaration as 'horizontal-ltr' is significantly more reliable
> than anything like 'direction:horizontal reverse'

While I agree that we should have a way to explicitly say 'horizontal-ltr',
I'm not so certain that logical backwardness isn't needed. I can't think
of a use case for backwards ordering in the inline dimension, but I can
see backwards ordering being useful in the block direction when you have

> By the way, you used keyword 'reverse'. It is 'reverse' to what actually?
> I mean what exactly defines normal, non-reversed order then, the 'direction'?



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