RE: [css3-regions] New CSS Regions editor draft

Robert, I am not trying to be defensive (I don’t take technical issues personally, or I won’t be doing this), or reckless (I have implemented things before that were not backed up by good specs… heard about “zoom” property?).

Let’s together figure out the best way to approach this. Can we start a list somewhere of what a good pagination/fragmentation spec needs to have? Once we have it we can decide which spec it belongs to.

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On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 4:23 PM, Alex Mogilevsky <<>> wrote:
We are going to have variable-width regions, and it will be common. What aspects of content pagination we need to have clarified or defined in order to be able to have interoperable implementations of a usable set of important use cases?

That bar is too low. If we have interop on a usable set of important use cases, but no interop on a large set other important use cases, we will have created a large problem for Web authors.

I hope that the days are behind us when we could just bang out a feature that works in some common cases and leave a lot of its behavior undefined.
 Once we come up with a list that needs to be resolved, we can decide what spec it should be in. I personally don’t see any problem implementing CSS3 Regions and CSS4 Paged Media together if it is what it takes to render content that we all care about.

I don't, as an implementor, but it seems weird for a CSS3 spec to only make sense if you implement a CSS4 spec as well ... just from a version numbering point of view.

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