Re: [css3-regions] New CSS Regions editor draft

On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 2:16 PM, Alex Mogilevsky <>wrote:

>  Right, a regular block should adjust when flowing across varying width
> regions, it is what most people would expect and so do I.
> There should be spec detailing this and other precise rules for pagination.
> It probably is most appropriate to be defined in CSS4 Paged Media (and it
> would be great to find an editor willing to write up all these details…)

I very strongly feel that these issues need to be sorted out before CSS3
Regions makes much progress, and ideally before it's even implemented. I
don't think "CSS3 Regions" should depend on "CSS4 Paged Media" --- it would
sound weird for a CSS3 module to depend on a CSS4 module.

It would be pretty easy in Gecko (and I suspect other engines) to implement
the core of CSS3 Regions (and CSS 2.1 page sizes) and get reasonable and
interoperable behavior for some common cases where containers have different
widths, but get wildly wrong and/or non-interoperable behavior for other
cases. Then we get to spend years negotiating implementation differences,
fixing bugs, and worrying about compatibility with deployed content. Let's
not dig ourselves into that kind of hole again.

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