RE: [CSS OM] list of issues

[Daniel Glazman:]
> 7. getComputedStyle
>     One of the big lacks of the existing CSS OM is the impossibility to
>     get the computed style of an element if a dynamic pseudo-class is
>     applied. It would be really cool to extend getComputedStyle() and
>     allow for instance ":hover" in the second parameter.
That'd be cool; I'd also appreciate a clear definition of what the second 
argument can be be ? Which one of these should be supported :
	a) "first-line"
	b) ":first-line"
	c) "::first-line"

WebKit allows all of the above. IE9, Firefox 4 and Opera 11 will only return
the pseudo-element's style for b) and c). Given a) they return the style of
the element passed as first argument instead. (All browsers also do the latter
given an invalid or unknown name such as ":::first-line". Interestingly, Firefox 
throws an out of memory exception for the latter).

Received on Wednesday, 1 June 2011 05:40:29 UTC