RE: Pixel and Device Pixel

Cyril Concolato:
> Hi CSS Expert,
> Reading,
> I find the figure a bit confusing in the choice of colors (red, green, blue)
> as it seems to imply that a CSS pixel for a monitor corresponds to a
> sub-channel (R, G, B). You might want to improve it for the next edition.

I don't get that impression from the image for two reasons: (1) printers don't have blocks of red separated from green and blue (the left side) and (2) I know of no display that represents a pixel with an L shape (the right side).

That said, it might be good to move away from R, G, and B (toward basically any other color except white) to avoid potential confusion between "3 boxes of color" and "sub-pixel slots for R, G, and B".

Received on Friday, 29 July 2011 18:21:51 UTC