Re: [cssom] Unrecognized - request for more information

Preserving "unrecognized rules" is only a subset of the errors
that can happen in a CSS stylesheet. For example, an error inside
a declaration block could still be parsed as a property name, colon
and value(s) OR be totally different. Look at the following two

   #foo {
     color: red;
     -my-own-property: "these are my" "values";
     margin: 1em;


   #foo {
     color: red;
     hello world;
     margin: 1em;

In the former case, things _could_ be reachable as a couple (property,
value) but offering support for the latter case implies we have only one

Same issue for @rules or style rules with unrecognized selectors.

We can all live with strings only, but of course it means parsing is
handled in the client code.

Another important unpreserved case is comments. I don't see any simple
solution here because CSS explicitely says comments can happen anywhere
between tokens... In my own parser JSCSSP, I'm currently dropping
comments happening between non-related tokens. I preserve comments
between rules and between declarations. Better than nothing.

Preservation of CSS comments is a *major* feedback from CSS authors for
all web-based content editors. At this point, I do believe the next
level of CSS should switch the policy for comments and allow them only
between constructs (rules, declarations) , not anywhere between tokens.


Received on Tuesday, 26 July 2011 17:06:30 UTC