Re: :dir() pseudo-class

(11/07/21 18:00), Aharon (Vladimir) Lanin wrote:
> I think that :dir(lrtr|rtl) will be very useful, great stuff!
> Just one purely editorial comment on the draft spec
> (
>> The :dir() pseudo-class allows the author to write selectors that represent
>> an element based on its directionality as determined by the document language
> I find "document language" misleading. "Language" makes one think of
> the lang attribute. And "document language" makes me think of <html
> lang="...">. I do not have great alternatives, though... Perhaps
> something like "as determined in the document by means other than
> style"?

Well, "document language" is a defined term in CSS21[1]. It would be
nice if every occurrence of this term is cross-linked to that part but
that doesn't seem to be the style used in these CSS specs.



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