Re: [css3-linebox] Line Grid Proposal

On Fri, 15 Jul 2011 06:52:07 +0900, fantasai  
<> wrote:

> Specifies which line grid the line boxes of this element (if any) will  
> align
> to. If there does not already exist a line grid with the specified name,  
> then
> this creates a line grid using the font and line layout settings of this  
> element.

I believe you mean that this merely establishes the grid, but does not  
make anything snap to it. The "will align to" phrasing makes that a bit  

> If 'bounds' is specified, then two baselines are used to align the line  
> box: the
> next text-top baseline is chosen as a top bounds, and the closest  
> text-bottom
> baseline below it that is far enough down that the line box can fit  
> between it
> and the chosen text-top is chosen as a bottom bounds. The line box is  
> then centered
> between the chosen bounds.

Are the text-top and text-bottom always the ones we want to use as bounds?  
If not, instead of specifying "bounds", you could give the name of two  
baselines, and that's  the ones that would be used as a top and bottom  
bounds. I am not completely sure this is needed, but embox top baseline  
and embox bottom baseline come to mind as things that are distinct from  
text-top and text-bottom, but could still be nice to bound-snap to.

  - Florian

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