Re: [css3-images] Using SVG Paint Servers as <image>

On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 4:12 PM, Alan Gresley <> wrote:

> What about element(). Does it have same-origin restrictions?
> Evil document has this CSS and HTML.
> div {
>  background: element(**foo.html#header<>
> );
> }
> button, input {
>  color: transparent;
>  background: transparent;
>  border-color: transparent;
>  position: /* where appropriate */
> }
> <div>
>  <input />
>  <input />
>  <button />
>  ......
> <div>

We actually would impose a same-origin restriction there, but only because
we load element() resources through the SVG external resource mechanism,
which we impose same-origin restrictions on for various reasons.

But the evil behavior you're describing can already be done today, either by
placing an <iframe src=""> under other content in the
attacker's Web page, or often just by the attacker faking the bank's look on
their own server.

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