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[css3-ui] Review comments

From: Tab Atkins Jr. <jackalmage@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 16:49:50 -0700
Message-ID: <CAAWBYDBbCTDMXVgRfz_VnLM8V2K5pfmpDZsZ1415_C4WoQ9NLA@mail.gmail.com>
To: www-style list <www-style@w3.org>
Section 4.1.1

* I recommend stating explicitly that when these pseudoclasses match
is determined by the host language, and the definitions in the spec
are merely informative descriptions of each.

* I recommend referencing HTML as the informative reference instead of
XForms, as HTML is the language against which these are most likely to
be used.  The relevant link is
(or the similar link to the W3C version of the spec).

Section 4.2

* ::selection is no longer defined in Selectors 3.

* I recommend dropping the four pseudoclasses ::value, ::choices,
::repeat-item, and ::repeat-index.  They are insufficient for styling
modern form elements, and I don't think any major browser implements
them.  As well, the latter two

* Separately from the above, I recommend using HTML in your examples
rather than XForms, as HTML is massively more likely to be used by
authors.  Seeing an example with a non-void <input> element is
completely useless to me.  ^_^

Section 5.3

* Given that we deprecated the system colors, should we deprecate/drop
the system fonts as well?

Section 6.1

* The functionality of "content:icon" has also been suggested as being
accomplished through "content: <image> replaced".

Section 6.2

* You can do fallback images now simply by using the image() function,
defined in Image Values.  There are also many more types of images
than just <url>.  I recommend replacing this with just <image>.  (If
you'd like to avoid a dependency on Image Values, define <image> to be
equal to <url> for now, with a note that other specs may expand its

* Given the above change and the 6.1 comment, I recommend just folding
this into the 'content' property directly.

Section 8.4

* Webkit doesn't appear to do 'invert' for outline-color (it appears
to always display black), and Moz stopped doing 'invert' at all in
FF3.  dbaron stated that Moz probably wouldn't ever, as it's much
harder to do performantly when you're doing hardware compositing.

Section 10.1.1

* I recommend changing the <uri> reference to <image>, for the reasons
given previously.

* Given that <image>, as defined in Image Values, allows for fallback
images, I suggest dropping the ability to specify multiple images in
the 'cursor' property.  This does mean that you can't specify
different x/y coords for different fallbacks, but that doesn't seem
like a big loss; it seems like you'd always just be specifying the
same image in multiple formats.

Section 10.2.2

* The "Computed Value" doesn't seem sensical if the specified value
was "auto" or "inherit".  It seems like you really just want
"specified value" there.

Section 10.2.3

* I assume the "Computed Value" is a copypasta error, and should be
"specified value" instead.

Multiple Sections

* The 'inherit' value is globally defined for all properties, and the
preferred style appears to be to omit it in property definitions.

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