Re: [css3-speech] voice-balance and azimuth

On 13 Jul 2011, at 18:58, fantasai wrote:
>> Are you saying that "voice-balance:left" should be equivalent to
>> "azimuth:left-side" (-90 degrees)? (I am referring to the CSS2.1
>> Aural notation here)
> No, I am merely pointing out that there is a contradiction here.
> I don't have an answer for how to resolve it.

Well, in my opinion there is no contradiction :)
Could you please provide feedback to my full argumentation?
That's just how I would implement surround sound, and how I would understand (as an author) the stereo vs 360 degree audio layout. I guess the CSS2.1 Aural Stylesheet editors thought so too, as they specified 40 degrees for "right" and -40 for "left". Don't you think?

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