Re: [css3-speech] voice-balance and azimuth

On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 9:52 AM, Andrew Thompson <> wrote:
> Why would you need to? What I mean is, Daniel seems to be thinking of centre
> as a logical property describing how the sound should be perceived by the
> user whereas you are trying to define exactly how this will be physically
> implemented on common speaker configurations.
> Naturally defining how this maps makes interoperability easier to achieve so
> its a good thing, but in the particular example you mention, why would an
> author care if the center sound is achieved by having the audio predominate
> in the front-center speaker or by having equal sound from the front left and
> right speakers? Doesn't it sound the same? What's the use case where an
> author needs that control?

Agreed that control on the speaker-level seems unneeded for this.
We're just defining where the speaker should be located relative to
the listener; how this directionality is achieved is up to the sound
system (or the browser or something; I dunno where the smarts has to


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