Re: [CSS OM] list of issues

On 04/07/11 17:46, Anne van Kesteren wrote:

>> one HTML 4 erratum often listed between 1998 and now is about
>> the lack of a disabled HTML attribute on <link> and <style> to
>> reflect the CSS OM disabled attribute on stylesheets. Because of
>> that, it is impossible to save the disabled status of an embedded or
>> linked stylesheet. I think we should add at least a note here
>> and make sure the WHATWG and HTML WG have that on their radar.
>> We need a similar mechanism for the XML processing instruction.
> There is a lot of state that cannot be serialized at the moment. E.g.
> the alternate style sheet API. I am not really sure it is that desirable
> either. This is mostly something scripts want to do on the fly, not
> something that needs to be persisted by editors.

Anne, please... You have experience with the OM, I have experience
with editors. Please trust me here. This is _needed_.


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