Re: [css3-text] line break opportunities are based on *syllable* boundaries?

2011/1/29 Ambrose LI <>:
> 2011/1/29 Boris Zbarsky <>:
>> Isn't "this group of characters is a word / personal name" a matter of
>> _markup_, not style?  That is, to tell that a sequence of characters is a
>> name seems like it either involves good understanding of the context the
>> sequence is used in (sounds like a hard AI problem) or the author explicitly
>> marking it up as a name; that's semantic information, not stylistic.  I seem
>> to recall there being discussion about adding a <name> element to HTML5,
>> though I'm not sure it went anywhere.

(Sorry about the tons of typos in my previous reply. I probably
shouldn't have hit the Send key so quickly.)

By the way I wouldn't say a NAME element is a general solution here.
It of course would be a solution to a specific part of the problem
space, but that would be Chinese-specific and not a general solution,
and it does not even address Koji's original example.

And we'd still need CSS support even if there were a NAME element.
Currently, as far as I can tell, nothing will work for the reasons I
cited in my previous reply.

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