Re: 'border-image' confusion

On Tue, 25 Jan 2011 18:08:26 +0300, Eric A. Meyer <>  

>    2. Change the property name to 'border-frame' or  
> 'border-image-frame', and the related sub-properties to match. (Credit  
> for the 'frame' nomenclature goes to Peter Gasston[3].} Because that's  
> more like what the properties do, at least as specified.  While I don't  
> think this name would be immediately intuitive, it would be a lot less  
> counter-intuitive: authors would be less likely to approach the property  
> thinking, "Oh, cool, images for borders!  Let's run this star around  
> this div!" and then be completely stumped by the resulting behavior.

How about naming current border-image to "border-style-image"? It will  
border-style like background-image and accompanying properties extends
background-color. For now border-style is implicitly overridden. And this  
very confusing because default border-width applies even to parts of border
not supposed to be affected by border-image.
E.g. I want border-image for top and bottom border and get image parts
in corners because left and right borders suddenly exists.

"border-image" instead can be defined somewhat like background-image but
limited by border frame in cases like "round".

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