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Le Mer 26 janvier 2011 0:30, Niels Matthijs a écrit :


> [div class="whatever"]
>      [h1]my header[/h1]
>      [p]some paragraphs[/p]
>      [ul]...[/ul]
>      [div class="more"][<a href="#"]read more about whatever[/a][/div]
> [/div]
> for the css, I set my basic layout grid like this:
> ..whatever>* {margin:0.75em 1em;}
> There you have your left and right em margins on the h1 heading. Now if
> you start fiddling with the h1 font-size it will start jumping around,
> which is not very cool, destroying the vertical grid I've just created.


can you try this:

div.whatever {margin: 0.75em 1em;}

div.whatever > * {margin-left: inherit;}

The horizontal alignment should be meeting what I understand from your
description. The h1 element should horizontally start at the same x
position of others.

If you encounter problems, then please consider posting the url of a
reduced demo.

regards, Gérard
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