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RE: Making alternate stylesheets more useful + site selectors

From: Shropshire, Andrew A <shropshire@att.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 06:47:06 -0500
To: "'Boris Zbarsky'" <bzbarsky@mit.edu>
CC: "www-style@w3.org" <www-style@w3.org>
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Thanks Boris for the information.  It appears that this proposal also falls short too.  I read:

"This specification does not define how the UA decides to persist the
stylesheet set or whether or how to persist the selected set across

It needs to, otherwise "alternate" style sheet idea should probably be stricken from the spec as it adds complication with little benefit.


Andrew Shropshire
AT&T Government Solutions, Inc. 
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On 1/21/11 11:45 AM, Shropshire, Andrew A wrote:
> Thanks Boris for the idea.  http://www.alistapart.com/articles/alternate/
> This link describes it.  It looks very complicated.

That's because they're trying to create something that works in all 
browsers, etc, and assuming all they have to work with are the old DOM 

See http://hixie.ch/specs/css/dom/altss/altss for a spec proposal for 
making all this much simpler.  Gecko has implemented this for years; I 
believe so has Webkit.  It's too bad it never got standardized...

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