[css3-speech] ISSUE-153 speak: none; usage incompatible with other values of speak



The 'speak' property has two functions: one is to dual as the speech
equivalent of 'visiblity', the other is to specify how to speak the
contents of an element.

This creates unintentional problems with, e.g.

acronym {
  speak: spell-out;

p.hide {
  speak: none;

<p>Thing to hide <acronym>WOAH</acronym> more stuff to hide</p>

The WOAH is suddenly injected into the speech rendering due to the
acronym rule, even though that is probably not what's intended.
These functions should be separated into two properties, or the
'none' value removed entirely.


Received on Wednesday, 12 January 2011 18:53:14 UTC