Re: [css3] support for filters

On 1/11/11 1:07 AM, Alan Gresley wrote:
> Can you please clarify SVG content? I can use SVG content within XHTML
> with an xml extension.

Or in HTML in any browser with an HTML5 parser, right?

> The way you are answering, it sounds like you can
> use SVG filters as part of the CSS syntax within a <style> element of
> external stylesheet.


> I see this post,
> Where you write.
> | Robert O'Callahan Says:
> |
> | Right now they can ONLY be used in XHTML.
> |
> | That should change soon when we add the ability to reference
> | external SVG files from plain HTML documents.

Right; that happened over 2 years ago, a few weeks after the post in 
question.  See 
  This shipped in Gecko 1.9.1, so if you have anything resembling a 
recent (read: "still gets security updates") Gecko-based browser on hand 
you can experiment with it.

> With this,
> .class { mask: url(#Gaussian_Blur); }

If that's in a <style> element, it references the element with id 
"Gaussian_Blur" in the document the <style> element is in.

In an external stylesheet, that's not going to do much good unless your 
server is doing content negotiation, since the url() is resolved 
relative to the stylesheet's URI.

> Or do we use something like this.
> .class { mask: url(; }

That's exactly what you use, yes (though there are some same-origin 
restrictions, etc).


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