Re: CSS Variables Draft Proposal

On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 10:22 AM, Alan Gresley <> wrote:
> Tab, there are two types of @rules that I know of that end with a semicolon
> ';'. They are @import and @namespace, one of which must be quoted and the
> other having parenthesis.
>  @namespace foo "";
>  @import("example.css");

Both of those involve URLs, which have their own host of issues.  They
don't necessarily generalize to other types of things.

> Your proposal is requiring this to change plus the syntax rules of CSS. I
> fine now with seeing the '$' in between a declaration block for a variable
> value but what I liked about glazou's proposal was how the variable was set
> and had '{' '}' to show the full declaration. Doesn't something like this
> delimit the nature of a string?
> @var foo {
>   <property>: <value>
> }

No, "@var foo <value>;" is exactly equivalent in terms of delimiting.


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