RE: CSS Variables

[Tab Atkins:]
> (Note - we've been thinking about handling experiments differently within
> Chrome.  Rather than vendor prefixing, implement them unprefixed but only
> available in dev channel, not beta or public.
> This has basically the same benefits in terms of not interfering with
> final standardization, but makes it harder for a vendor prefix to become
> widely used and thus necessary to support.  It also makes it easy to
> experimentally support things that can't be prefixed well, like this
> syntax.  This isn't decided yet, but variables might be a good test pilot
> for the new approach.)

How does that work generally with multiple vendors doing the same in their 
Betas/preview builds ? If browsers X and Y support a new feature unprefixed
with different incompatible syntaxes, stylesheets that include the new 
property(ies) will only work in one.

What am I missing ?

Received on Wednesday, 9 February 2011 17:16:14 UTC