Re: CSS Variables

On 8 Feb 2011, at 18:34, "Linss, Peter" <> wrote:

> On Feb 7, 2011, at 8:39 PM, Alex Russell wrote:
> I don't understand that point, how far can a ')' be from the 'var('? There's only supposed to be a single ident in between... (and perhaps whitespace) I suppose you could put comments in between, but ok, don't do that.

Well, that depends on whether idents can contain other idents, var(var(foo)var(bar)) anyone? Or should I stop before Tab's brain seizes up again? ;-)

But seriously, my experience from programming is that the more parentheses on a line, the harder it is to unpick and understand the different components of an expression, and a different manner of identification, like the $ syntax, makes things easier to parse from a human perspective.


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