Re: CSS Variables

On Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 7:51 AM, Jon Rimmer <> wrote:
> In the case of CSS variables, pre-processors are useful, but not
> everything can be done with them. A subset of it can be, but since the
> variables are not reified in the CSSOM, it's impossible to access and
> modify variables in the browser. I suppose you could have a
> client-side script to parse the custom language, produce CSS, and also
> maintain its own corresponding object model to allow later changes,
> but such a complex, Russian-doll style approach hardly seems desirable
> just to avoid making additions to CSS itself.

Indeed, the CSSOM side of variables will be much harder to shim in.
Just the CSS side of things is fine, though.  It's no more difficult
than what preprocessors are already doing.


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