Using Validated Icons When Useing CSS Hacks

My sincerest apologies because I am SURE this has already been answered, but
after a couple hours of searching W3C, I still can't find the answer. So on
that, my sincerest apologies for asking this again. So the basic simple
question is, is it permissible to use the CSS valid icons when the entire
file validates with the exception of the lines added to whip IE and other
browsers into line? The issue I run into, basically, is that I use a CSS
reset which includes some basic styles resets. It also sets some basic
styles then using * hacks, which is causing the validator to return parse
errors. Other than those lines of code, the rest is completely compliant
according to the service. Just wondering what to do since if the icon is
used with a link to the validator, it will throw an error.



James R. Sanders

Received on Monday, 7 February 2011 13:17:17 UTC